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Fever is very harmful both to the adult and the child as the blood vessels and the heart operate in an increased load mode, the body experiences a severe lack of oxygen, the cells lose water, which results in general weakening and dehydration of the organism.
It’s an open secret that to rub vinegar sometimes is a more effective mean to reduce fever than medicines, as vinegar quickly lowers the temperature, which is crucial if the fever lasts a long time and should be reduced immediately. How to make a correct vinegar compress to reduce fever?

You’ll need an ordinary 9% table vinegar and warm water to make a vinegar compress.

1. Pour warm water into the glass (a quarter of a glass).
The water should be warm (room temperature water can cause discomfort from rubbing, and too cold water can cause a spasm of blood vessels aggravating the patient’s condition). The optimum water temperature for rubbing is 37–38 degrees.

2. Pour 9% table vinegar into a glass of water in 1:1 proportion (1 part of vinegar and 1 part of warm water).

3. Take off the outer clothing and begin rubbing the body with the solution starting from the palms and the feet. Then rub under the knees, the neck, the armpits (there are large blood vessels there). Then cover the patient with a light sheet. The liquid from the body surface will evaporate, and the fever will reduce.

4. You can also make a compress on the forehead, but in this case the concentration of vinegar in water should be much lower: 1 tablespoon of (9% table) vinegar per 1 glass of warm water.

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