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• Cleaning the vegetables. Spill some water on vegetables and then spray on vinegar. This will help to get rid of any dirt. And do not forget to rinse vegetables again with water!

• Disinfecting the wound. White vinegar is a pure acid: it is entirely possible to wipe the surfaces with it instead of alcohol. For example, it is a known fact that it kills one of the most unpleasant microbes — the Escherichia coli.

• Mitigating the jellyfish sting pain. If you are lucky enough to have some vinegar on the shore, moisten the burn with it — this will ease your condition.

• Relieving the wasp sting pain. The same happens in a situation with a wasp sting: its poison is alkaline, so the pain is easily eliminated with acetic acid. But beware: a bee sting should be treated with soda.

• Extending the life of hard-boiled eggs. That’s it! Just immerse eggs into vinegar, and they will “live” for a few more days.

• Preserving the brightness of colors. Adding vinegar when washing instead of the usual conditioner can help the linen fade less and preserve the color. Just like any industrially produced mean, vinegar helps to achieve an antistatic effect and keeps the brightness of your laundry at its original level.

• Washing the windows. Why you should buy a detergent, if you can buy vinegar and a simple sprayer? It really works! But do not forget to wipe the vinegar off the glass.

• Cleaning the metal. Vinegar is an acid, which means that it perfectly copes with any rusted parts or coins. It’s not worse than any boisterous soda drink.

• Cleaning the shower head. Do you want to have a strong shower jet again? Put the shower head into a container with vinegar and it’ll be like a brand new one in an hour! The same happens with shower cabins: if it has lost the transparency, just spay vinegar on it.

• Cleaning drains. Mix the vinegar and soda in a bowl and pour the mixture into the sink — it is a quite effective way to cope with the blockage.

• Getting rid of the sweat odor. Please note that this is an emergency tool only, it can’t replace an antiperspirant. Wipe all the sweating zones with vinegar — it will not prevent sweating, but it will hide the smell.

• Getting rid of stickers. Can’t take a sticker off? Wipe it with a mixture of vinegar and water and then scrape it off easily.

• Shelling boiled eggs. To remove the eggs’ shell easily, pour a few drops of vinegar into the water before putting the just-boiled eggs into it.

• Making a marinade. Acetic marinade perfectly kills harmful bacteria and penetrates into tough and fibrous meat. Mix eight tablespoons of water with four tablespoons of vinegar, pour the mixture into the chopped meat, add onions, and get an excellent ready to fry shish kebab in four hours.

• Emphasizing the sweetness of fruits and berries. A drop of balsamic vinegar can enhance the taste of strawberries or peaches. The same applies to fried vegetables, especially asparagus and carrots.

• Replacing the lemon. No, it’s probably not a good idea to drink tea with vinegar. The situation is quite opposite with the fish — balsamic vinegar suits it perfectly.

• Replacing the salt. As you already knew, balsamic vinegar can enhance the taste of almost any dish. Then you can use it to cut salt intake!

• Saving the oversalted dish. This is another vinegar’s power: if your dish is oversalted, just add a drop of vinegar in it, and no one will notice your cooking mistake.

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